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Setting up a blog takes a while. There are many features, appearance enhancements and basic content issues to slog through. Please excuse the dust as my blog is under construction.

When I begin a painting or drawing, a few steps into the process I become increasingly anxious, and frustrated. That’s the “stupid stage.”

Seems most creative (and creating) folks deal with it as a natural step in the creative process.

But the technology and software causes me further concern. Like any new software program, I am learning the system while attempting to reach the vibrant compelling image of my blog. This thing needs to look good while presenting the (hopefully) interesting content.

My hope is I am not the only writer/artist struggling with the technology. Yes, I have learned many operating systems and programs to design pages, edit and proofread content (the latter not my forte.) But this is my “painful-breaking-in” period.


About mcfar57

My name is Kathy Edwards McFarland (Hi). I grew up in Abilene, Texas. As a professional artist and graphic designer, I have led a very multi-faceted life including art educator, newspaper special sections editor, community volunteer, church deacon and finally (most importantly) wife to a great guy. We currently live in a DFW-area city. I enjoy live jazz, blues; creating art in various mediums and struggling to keep our house "clean."

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